Convert bulky paper documents into space saving digital files

Document scanning and archiving dramatically reduces the physical storage space you need. Our digital transformation service quickly turns your paper into easy to manage data files.

Document scanning makes it simpler to search and retrieve important information

By digitising your documents, you open the door to ease of management, and simple information retrieval. No more searching through reams and reams of paper to find what you’re looking for - locate your important information in seconds.

Protect your information by scanning your documents

Once your files are electronic you can treat them like you do any other data. Back them up, have copies in multiple locations, and share them easily when you need to.

Document collection and scanning across the UK

We can collect your documents for scanning from anywhere in the UK, be that London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow or Belfast. Once we get them back to our document scanning centre, we’ll carefully process them and upload to anywhere you like. Alternatively, we can send them back to you on a password protected disk.

Upload to Dropbox and Evernote

Get your documents automatically uploaded to Dropbox and Evernote. Seamlessly integrate our service with your cloud storage.

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Frequently asked questions about our Document Scanning Service:

  1. Are there minimum or maximum scanning volumes?

    There aren’t any minimum or maximum volumes attached to our Document Scanning Service.

  2. How will you send my documents back to me?

    It varies from client to client, but we can either upload your data to the location of your choice, or send you physical password protected disks.

  3. What if the documents are confidential? How do I know they will be treated in confidence?

    We’re a private limited company registered in England and Wales, and as such, are subject to the 1998 data protection act. We take privacy and data protection very seriously, and take every measure possible to protect your valuable information.

  4. Can you destroy my physical documents after scanning?

    Once you’ve received your electronic files and you’re happy that everything is as it should be, we can shred and dispose of your old physical documents.

  5. What document sizes can you scan?

    At the moment, we only offer scanning of documents up to A4 in size.

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