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Who Uses UK Postbox?
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Personal Assistants & Virtual PA's
Personal assistants have been using our service to manage their clients mail online and increase their efficiency. Using our service, you can offer additional services such as company formation, file storage and a load more. Find out why PA’s use UK Postbox.
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Vulnerable people
If you're looking for address privacy we have low cost solutions that can offer a protection to vulnerable people. Find out more about our Address Services
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International Shoppers
Our international shop and ship and parcel consolidation is the perfect solution for international shoppers. Here’s how our customers are using our service to have UK goods shipped overseas.
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Frequent travellers
Managing mail as a frequent traveller can lead to delays or loss of mail. Using our solution, frequent travellers can manage their mail online while they head off on their adventures. Find out how and why they use UK Postbox.

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