Delivery services for small and large businesses

We like to work with both small and large companies, helping them deliver products to their customers. Just because you’re a bit smaller it shouldn’t mean you pay more or have poorer service and terms.

No minimum volumes and flexible agreements

You can ship one item this week and thousands next - we don’t tie you into a long contract and are always happy to discuss how we can work together. We want to help you; all of our customers have slightly different processes and use us in different ways. You tell us how you want us work and we’ll do our best to deliver.

Reduce carriage costs and improve delivery times

If you’re based overseas, shipping individual products to the UK and EU will be expensive and slow. Using our Fulfilment and Dropshipping Services you can send us your products in bulk and have us send the individual orders on.

If you choose our Fulfilment Service we’ll store your products and ship them out on a same working day basis.

Same day processing and shipping

Customers expect their orders to be with them quickly and it’s a huge disadvantage if your deliveries take several days to arrive. All of our Fulfilment and Dropshipping customers benefit from same day processing and shipping on orders received by 2pm, and we’re continually working with our shipping partners to reduce the time it takes for goods to arrive.

Online stock control system – SKU management

Part and parcel of our Fulfilment and Dropshipping Service is access to our Advanced Stock Management App. It’s been set up with e-retailers in mind and gives you:

  • Enhanced SKU management
  • Inventory tracking
  • Simple stock taking
  • Demand monitoring

If you already have a SKU management system in place that works, we can use that to fulfil your orders and control the flow of deliveries.

Returns Address Service

Your Fulfilment or Dropshipping account comes with a free returns address for your customers to send faulty or unwanted items back to. We’ll then store the products for as long as you need and send them back to you when you’re ready.

Ready to get started?

Before our team can help you with your e-retail enquiry, we'll need some information to understand your specific requirements. Click the link above to complete a quick online form, and a member of our business team will be in touch.

Benefits of our Product Delivery and Storage Services

UK Product Storage

Reduce the need for product storage

(and no minimum volumes)
Order fulfilment Service

Faster delivery of customer orders

(with same day shipping)
Parcel forwarding service

Reduce your carriage costs

(and no fixed term contract)
Save on carriage costs

No setup fees

(and low on-going costs)
Online SKU Management software

SKU management 

(included as standard)
Returns address service

Free returns address

(and 30 days storage)
Security first

Serious about security

Our top priority is your goods and their security. Our out of town facility is covered by state of the art CCTV and alarm systems so we can ensure your inventory is protected at all times.

All post and parcels are allocated a bar code upon arrival. They are then recorded on our server and uploaded into your own dedicated password protected area of the server. Every UK Postbox customer has their own dedicated section on the server which they protect with their own login details.

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Fulfilment Vs. Dropshipping - what’s the difference?

There’s a subtle difference between our Dropshipping and Fulfilment Services - where the products are stored.

Fulfilment explained

Our Fulfilment Service allows you to store your products with us ready for despatch when orders are placed.

Dropshipping explained

Our Dropshipping Service lets you send us multiple confirmed orders as one delivery, which we’ll then split into single consignments to be forwarded to your customers.

Frequently asked questions about fulfilment and dropshipping

  1. What is fulfilment?

    Fulfilment is where you send bulk quantities of products to a fulfilment house (such as UK Postbox) and when orders are placed the fulfilment provider will manage and deliver them for you.

  2. What is dropshipping?

    Dropshipping is the delivery of multiple products to a distribution hub (such as UK Postbox) where individual orders are separated and sent on to customers.

  3. What does SKU stand for?

    Stock keeping unit – a product and its identification code

    Source: Wikipedia

  4. What is SKU Management software?

    SKU management software is used to oversee the handling of an inventory of products.

  5. What is a returns address service?

    An address (free from UK Postbox) which will accept returns for e-commerce clients, then store and forward those returns back to the supplier.

  6. What are the benefits of fulfilment?

    1. Reduction in carriage costs
    2. Faster delivery of products to customers
    3. Online SKU management
    4. Free returns address
    5. Less space needed for storage
  7. What are the benefits of dropshipping?

    1. Reduction in carriage costs
    2. Streamline delivery process
    3. Online SKU management
    4. Free returns address

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