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Our customers come from all different backgrounds and geographical locations. Each and every customer is as important to

us as the next, and it gives us great pleasure (and in many cases pride) to find out why people choose our services, how our

services help to improve their lives and what they consider the highs and lows of the service.

This month, we talk to UK Postbox customer Santiago Amaya and his mother, Beryl Colwell, about their experience of UK Postbox

and the amazing work they are doing in Guatemala. Santiago lives in the UK, however, he spends a great deal of his time working in

Guatemala on the Highland Support Project, which is a project that has been ten years in the making to support Twi’Ninwitz, a

village in Guatemala. He has been a UK Postbox customer since 2010. Beryl lives in Virginia and has been a proactive supporter of

the mission through her church for a number of years.

Beryl, so firstly can you tell me more about the Guatemala Mission?

The Highland Support Project was established back in 1993 as a result of the ongoing political violence taking place in the

Highlands of Guatemala – during which the Maya communities were put under great strain and loss both culturally and physically.

The project was first established to offer outside support to the people of the local communities. Rather than running and

dictating to the communities, the Highland Support Project now encourages local leaders to develop their own voice and to stand

up for independence.

Working with the indigenous people of the Highland communities, the project has built solid relationships based on trust

and understanding. The project community help, support and grow the shared vision to transform the local communities from ones

of ill-being to ones of well-being. The project supports and teaches the people of the Maya communities to build sustainable

economies and supports in the rebuilding of governance systems.

What is your involvement in the project?

This is an ongoing project, one that has now been in force for ten years or so. Our focus is currently on the continuing build of a new

schoolhouse in the village of Twi’Ninwitz. The school provides a great focus and opportunity for the local community. A new

schoolhouse not only encourages learning and parents to send their children to school, it will also incorporate worship and music

focused projects for local children.

How can people get involved and support the project?

As with many charity events, there are lots of opportunities to get involved from straightforward donations through to working

actually at the project. For more information on how to get involved and support the project, visit the Vale Church Website

or follow the project on Facebook.

So, Santiago, you split your time between the UK, Virgina, and Guatemala. Why did you first join UK Postbox?

I knew I was going to be travelling extensively. Back in 2010, I searched online for a mail-forwarding service and came up

with UK Postbox. UK Postbox was (and still is), much more comprehensive and sophisticated than a traditional mail-forwarding

service that I have researched.

What do you like most about UK Postbox?

That’s easy… where do I start! The UK Postbox system is extremely convenient. Wherever you are in the world, providing you have a

stable internet connection, you can access your secure account. Since they launched their new app last year, it’s made it even easier

to access and instruct using your mobile.

I LOVE the fact that the head office team are so easily accessible. There are numerous paths of communication open including live

chat on their website, social media and of course people to speak to. It is also great that their MD, Allan Chester, is so hands on.

It shows that he really cares about his customers and is passionate about delivering a good service.

I find the virtual address service is fantastic as I have all of my sensitive documents sent to it, including bank statements, NHS stuff,

pension updates, etc. Because I move around so much, it gives me peace of mind that documents with my personal details on are

not going to fall into the wrong hands.

Would you recommend the UK Postbox service?

Yes definitely. In fact, I’ve recently recommended it to my friend Max who I believe has signed up. It’s great that there are different

plans to suit usage, so if like me you don’t get a massive amount of post but are always travelling around, the PAYG service means

that I am only paying for what I use.

What has impressed you most about UK Postbox?

It has to be the fact that Allan is so accessible and the response time is very prompt.

Is there anything you would change about the service?

No nothing that I can think of. I am one very happy customer, and although I only use a fraction of their service it is

extremely professional. I love knowing that my personal post is protected when I am out of reach.

Santiago is just one of our many satisfied customers. We have a whole range of services and opportunities for individuals

and businesses. Learn more about our UK mail forwarding service.

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Allan Chester
September 22, 2016