Shop & Ship – Bringing You A Little Slice Of Home

We’ve all done it. Whether on holiday or away for a longer period, we’ve all sat somewhere overseas moaning that

the bacon isn’t quite the same or the ketchup tastes different – usually, people tend to miss household favourites

like Yorkshire Tea or Marmite. For many, it’s their favourite clothing store that they crave. Whatever it is that you are

missing, here at UK Postbox, our ‘Shop and Ship’ service will help bring a little piece of home to you.

Simply shop online at all of your favourite UK-based retailers but instead of getting them individually delivered

overseas (which some retailers won’t do), have everything delivered to your UK Postbox address. We will then put

all of your orders into one package and ship it directly to you – saving you time and money and also bringing you

the comfort of being able to still have your old home favourites.

Have you started your Christmas shopping? From the beginning of November, UK Postbox will be busy becoming

‘Santa’s little helpers’ as we launch our Christmas ‘Wrap and Pack’ service for 2016. This service allows you to shop

online for presents, have them delivered to your UK Postbox address – however, instead of us packaging them up

and sending to you, we will individually wrap your gifts and post them to your friends and family here in the UK in

plenty of time for the festive season. You can even send us your pre-written Christmas cards and we will attach

them to the wrapped presents – just the same as you would if you were sharing the day with your loved ones.

In the last couple of years, our ‘Wrap and Pack’ service has taken the stress away from buying overseas for friends

and family back in the UK, so if you have gifts to organise for back home then why not speak to us about ‘Wrap and

Pack’ and let us do the hard work whilst you sit back and relax.

For more information about ‘Shop and Ship’ or ‘Wrap and Pack’, speak to us through live chat.

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Donna Chester
October 18, 2016