Registered Office – Directors Service Address – Trading Address – What’s the difference?

One of the many questions that we are asked by people starting a business is what type of account do they need. When forming a new company, working out what addresses you need can be a little confusing. Some people will prefer to use a formation agent to register their details however with a little bit of research, it is quite a straightforward process. We thought we’d take a couple of minutes to explain the key difference between a Registered Office Address, a Director’s Service Address, and a Trading Address.

Registered Office Address:

The registered office address is the official domain for a Limited Company and an LLP. All companies must have a registered office address which must be within the UK. This address is a legal requirement under UK Company Law and the address that will be in the public domain. Individuals cannot start or run a Private Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership in the UK without having a registered office address. Your registered office address will be on public file both at Companies House and HMRC and this is the address to where all official correspondence from HMRC and Companies House will be sent. In short, every UK based company needs a registered office address.

Here at UK Postbox, we offer companies a Registered Office Address in Poole, Dorset. The cost is £75 per year and this includes 1 item scanned and uploaded per month. This is for Registered Office correspondence only. Other items relating to daily business activity mail would not be accepted. Extra items will be charged for using our PAYG pricing structure.

Director’s Service Address:

A director’s service address can be located anywhere in the world and is the authorised contact address of a company director. This is where they will receive personal statutory mail directly from both HMRC and Companies House.

Here at UK Post Box, we offer Director’s Service Address that is a UK street address in  Poole, Dorset. The cost for this address is just £39.50 per year and includes 1 item of mail to be scanned and uploaded each month. Extra items can then be charged through our PAYG plan. Please note that this address if for personally addressed post to directors only – no company addressed mail would be accepted. This service has been set up to allow company directors to protect their privacy – this is the address that will registered at Companies House and be on public record for directors and LLP members.

Trading Address:

Your trading address could be completely different again! This is where your client’s, bank, agents, suppliers and anyone else can send you regular correspondence. Depending on the area of business, a trading address may need to be localised to where you live/operate from. Therefore, we offer a range of different Prime Street Addresses and mail plans to suit your individual requirements.

Prices start from £125 per year + suitable mail plan depending on the amount of postal mail you expect to receive.

If all addresses are in the UK, then a business can use the same address for all three. However, it’s worth all noting that all company directors and registered LLP members must be able to receive personally addressed postal mail from their registered Directors Service Address in a timely manner.  In the UK, it is a legal requirement that both the registered office address and directors’ service address are displayed on public record so if you are working at multiple locations or have a business that is based from home, then our Directors Service Address option, Registered Office Address option or Trading Address package can provide the perfect solution – not only do we ensure that your private details are kept private, combined with our virtual mail forwarding service, we can ensure that you receive your postal mail from day one – wherever you are in the world. Plus, if needed, we can offer secure storage of all received documents both digitally and paper format.

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Allan Chester
May 31, 2015