3. Verify your identity:

We have two forms of identity verification, Basic and Enhanced.

Which process you need to follow depends on whether you are an individual or an incorporated business and the UK Postbox address you have chosen. The table below shows the criteria for each process, with a link to further information about them.

What’s required for identity verification?

Mailing address for individuals

Basic Identity Verification

If all of the following are true, you and others named on the account will do our Basic Identity Verification:
  • You are a private individual, a sole trader or partnership (not LLP)
  • You are applying for any of the following:
    - A PO Box
    - Royal Mail Redirection Address
    - Poole Street Address
    - London N13 Address
    - Parcel Forwarding Address
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Post services for large businesses

Enhanced Identity Verification

If any of the following are true, you and others named on the account will do our Extended Identity Verification:
  • You are an incorporated business (LTD, LLP, LLC or PLC)
  • You are applying for any of the following:
    - London SW19 Street Address
    - London W1 Street Addresses
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4. Setup Complete:

Your account will be activated, address/es set up and details emailed to you. You can download the UK Postbox App for mobile devices by visiting the Android or iOS app stores, use the links below or visit our app download page to learn more.

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UK Postbox is dedicated to protecting customers privacy whilst providing you with the highest quality of service. Your information will NEVER be shared with ANY other organisation or company, all information is kept within the UK Postbox organisation. - See more at: privacy-policy

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